Cinema Europa / Saturday, 13th May / 13.00

Short Film Competition – Block 1


Kwassa Kwassa, d. Tuan Andrew Nguyen & SUPERFLEX, 2015., Denmark, 17’ DCP

In Kwassa Kwassa the locals build an “unstable boat” (kwassa kwassa) in order to cross over the deadly distance separating the Comoro island Mayotte, a French overseas territory and EU’s farthest point, from its neighbouring archipelago islands; a symbolic journey towards a better life.


Manodopera, d. Loukianos Moshonas, 2016. Greece/France, 28’ DCP

In Manodopera by Loukianos Moshones an immigrant works on an apartment redecoration, while at the roof of his building, he and his friends try to change the world.


Street of Death, d. Karam Ghossein, 2017. Lebanon/Germany, 22’ DCP

In Street of Death Lebanese cineast Karam Ghossein juxtaposes footage from his friend’s wedding with the footage of stunts kids perform on the road towards Beirut airport.


Limbo, d. Konstantina Kotzamani, 2016., Greece/France, 30’ DCP

In Limbo made by our old acquaintance Konstantina Kotzamani (code: Yellow Fieber), the leopard shall lay with the goat, the wolves shall live with the lambs, and a boy shall be their guide.