Documentary Competition

When Pigs Come

Serbia/Croatia/BiH, 2017., 75' DCP

“My grandma Dragoslava is the best grandma in the world. She loves playing cards, riding a bike and playing video games, she even…

Piazza Vittorio

Italy, 2017. 82' DCP

Rome’s Piazza Vittorio, located a few steps from Termini station, is home to foreigners. Africans and Afghans live and sleep with homeless people….

Hotel Yugoslavia

Switzerland, 2017, 78' DCP

Although ghostly interiors of the Hotel Yugoslavia in Belgrade owe much to Austrian director Nikolaus Geyrhalter (code: Homo Sapiens), Wagnières does not limit…

Young Solitude

France, 2018., 100' DCP

After wandering through the Parisian Bois de Vincennes (code: The Woods Dreams are Made of), Simon and her non-invasive camera enter a high…

Wild Relatives

Germany/Lebanon/Norway, 2018., 66' DCP

In order to “protect” and replicate the seeds from war-battered crops of the Syrian Aleppo, the scientists from the International Center for Agricultural…

Central Airport THF

The symbol of former Nazi grandeur, the central airport of West Berlin during the Wall, Tempelhof has today become a temporary asylum for…

The Waldheim Waltz

Austria, 2018., 92' DCP

In this dox, there isn’t that much of a waltz, although the author’s notorious protagonist conducts a brass band. As Beckermann is trying…

Madmen’s Fort

Alžir, 2017., 139' DCP

Inspired by Montaigne’s text, the author’s restless spirit is torn between three acts. The first act takes place in an old abandoned villa,…