Feature Competition


SAD, 2017., 88' DCP

Ninety-one-year-old atheist has outlived almost all of his coevals and now he is facing his own mortality and elusive enlightenment. An eccentric meditation…

The Wandering Soap Opera

Chile, 2017., 80' DCP

After the making of Ruiz’s film which began in the early nineties was brought to a halt due to his death, his restored…


Argentina/Spain/Netherlands/France, 2017., 115' DCP

The long-expected return of Lucrecia Martel to feature film, which occurred after a 9-year break, can be seen as a purification of her…


Lebanon/Italy, 2017., 84' DCP

Mazen’s fresco on the lost Beirut youth and their bodies does not shrink from the ultimate nudity, never before represented to that extent…

The Order of Things

Italy/France, 2017., 115' DCP

Rinaldi is a senior official in the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, specializing in the prevention of illegal immigration. He comes to Libya…

The Gulf

Having left behind a failed career and marriage, Selim returns to Izmir. Unfortunately, his arrival, filled with plans for the future, wanderings and…

Sweating the Small Stuff

Japan, 2017., 114' DCP

Bearing the stamp of Tokyo’s prestigious PIA Festival, which is dedicated to Japanese independent film, Ninomiy’s piece has a lot of autobiographical elements….


Dominican Republic/Argentina/Germany/Quatar, 2017., 106' DCP

Films from the Dominican Republic are a rare thing, but films like Cocote are even rarer. The story of Arias’ film, which can…

The Nothing Factory

2017, Portugal, 176’ DCP

After a group of workers find out that their elevator factory will go bankrupt, and the machines start disappearing from the warehouse, they…