Kino Europa / Friday, 11th May / 7PM

The Order of Things / L'ordine delle cose

Italy/France, 2017., 115' DCP
Director: Andrea Segre • Scenario: Marco Pettenello, Andrea Segre • Photography: Valerio Azzali • Montage: Benni Atria • Music: Sergio Marchesini • Production: Jolefilm, MACT Productions, Rai Cinema • Roles: Paolo Pierobon, Giuseppe Battiston, Fabrizio Ferracane

Rinaldi is a senior official in the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, specializing in the prevention of illegal immigration. He comes to Libya to “close the tap” and reduce their uncontrolled inflow into Italy. During his mission, he visits a refugee center in Tripoli where inhumane conditions prevail, and which resembles a prison. “Europe seeks more effort in establishing new and more efficient centers that respect human rights,” he says. “Oh, human rights. That’s what I like, “says the Head of the center, governed by the corrupt militia which works with smugglers. Post-Gaddafi Libya has been destroyed by internal tensions, and it is also faced with European interests which are incarnated by Rinaldi and his French colleague. He is a  person who invokes Italian political film classics from Francesco Rosi, walking through the corridors of political power, ports, luxury hotels and refugee reception centers. At the same time, he is faced with a moral dilemma when a young Somalian woman, who is trying to escape the Libyan hell and join his husband in Finland, gives him a micro memory card he should hand over to her uncle in Rome. The real smell of blood and corruption may not be felt in the movie. That is why Libya’s chaos is juxtaposed with the silence of the river, statues and gardens of the residential district in Padua, where Segre’s hero returns after one more mission.

Andrea Segre was born in Dolo in 1976. After a series of activist documentaries such as Green Blood, screened at the Subversive Film Festival years ago, he made his first  feature film Shun Li and the Poet with Zhao Tao and Rade Šerbedžija. Segre’s  documentary Undue Debt opened the 7th Subversive Film Festival. The author’s constant engaging in themes related to immigrant issues is also visible in his most recent movies – La prima neve and The Order of Things.