Kino Europa / 8th May / 7PM

When Pigs Come

Serbia/Croatia/BiH, 2017., 75' DCP
Director: Bojana Tutorov • Scenario: Biljana Tutorov • Photography: Orfeas Skutelis • Montage: Thomas Ernst, Ana Lagator, Nataša Pantić • Production: Wake Up Films, Kinematograf • Roles: Dragoslava Aleksić, Nataša i Dušan Bošnjak, Lena Gordič, Svetlana Zeković, Malina Vrbaški, Dragan Aleksić

“My grandma Dragoslava is the best grandma in the world. She loves playing cards, riding a bike and playing video games, she even loves politics”, this was what her grandson wrote in his homework. She is the author’s aunt Dragoslava Aleksić. She lived in FPRY, SFRY, FRY and RS, but she did not put her foot out of her room. She cried when Tito died, but also when people had to leave the Big Brother house. She regularly oversees the voting in the 16th constituency Backa Palanka. The winner of every new election is Aleksandar Vucic, the chief of that vicious circle. “This whistle removed Slobo” she says to a friend. She uses that same whistle at protests against Vucic’s media terror. And while Nada Knezevic’s old protest song about pigs and people flows from the vinyl, the President’s voice reaches out from the TV screen, whether he is addressing masses at pre-election meetings, appearing at TV shows, or giving speeches at the Assembly. This is possible because Dragoslava has four TV sets. There is almost no picture taken at her apartment in which a TV screen does not dominate the scene. Sometimes it can be seen in the reflection on the window. Sometimes its sound reaches out beyond the scene in the picture. Although Dragoslava knows how to be completely indifferent to what is being shown on it, dealing with her everyday business and watering her flowers, the television, old newspapers, and political magazines that she carefully collects, have become a part of her family’s intimacy. However, her reflections on media and politics are utterly humorous and lucid.

Nakon kratkometražnog dokumentarnog debija Plum Wars snima kratki igrani film Akasha. Autoričin najnoviji doks Kada dođu svinje dobio je nagradu Europske dokumentarne mreže (EDN). Od 2002. do 2009. surađivala je s Darkom Rundekom kao članica njegova Cargo Orkestra, o kojem priprema svoj sljedeći dokumentarni projekt.

Bojana Tutorov graduated in from the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium where she studied Archaeology and Art History. She enrolled in postgraduate studies of Anthropology at the Paris Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes. She was the assistant of Želimir Žilnik on his documentary film Pirika on Film. After the short documentary debut Plum Wars, she made a short feature film Akasha. The author’s latest documentary When Pigs Come won European Documentary Network (EDN) Award. From 2002 to 2009 she collaborated with Darko Rundek as a member of his Cargo Orchestra, on which she has been preparing her next documentary project.