Subversive Film Festival


Russia, Belgium, 2022, 78'

Alexander Sokurov’s first film after a seven-year break is also his first attempt at animated film, done of course, in his own particular…

Tommy Guns

Portugal / France / Angola, 2022, 118'

In 1974 the Portuguese and their descendants must leave Angola because the inhabitants of their former colony finally won their independence and gradually…


Sweden, Ukraine, Norway, 2023, 92'

By combining personal and professional perspectives, directors Alexander Mihalkovich and Hanna Badziaka investigate the causes and consequences of a decade-long practice of violent…


Germany, 2022, 86'

As her sister Zara suffers a nervous breakdown, the introvert Eva takes on her job as a foley artist. Her first major assignment…

Seven Winters in Tehran

Germany, France, 2023, 97'

In the summer of 2007 and older man approached an architecture student Reyhaneh Jabbari, who had a side job as an interior designer,…


Palestine, 2022, 64'

The third film by Jumana Manna, a visual artist of Palestine descent, illustrates how foraging for wild edible plants becomes a non-violent act…

North Terminal

Argentina, 2021, 37'

During the lockdown of 2020, Lucrecia Mortel returns to her home in Salta, the most conservative region in Argentina, where as a girl,…

When the Waves Are Gone

The Philippines, France, Portugal, Denmark, 2022, 187'

Lieutenant Hermes Papuran, one of the Philippines’ top investigators, runs into a huge moral dilemma. As a police officer, he is witness to…


Serbia, 2022, 63'

Invoked is a political comedy with tragic consequences that, observing one of the weirdest periods of Serbian political history, follows five former presidential…


Romania, France, Belgium, Sweden, 2022, 125'

A few days before Christmas, Matthias leaves his job in Germany and returns to his multi-ethnic Transylvanian village. He wants to be more…

The Store

Sweden, 2023, 118'

Eleni has been promoted to the position of supermarket manager. She knows this means that she has to start pushing her coworkers harder…

Nobody’s Hero

France, 2022, 100'

In his recognisable style and digressing from tedious political correctness, sparkling queer author Alain Guiraudie tackles the themes of unrequited love and societal…

There is a Stone

Japan, 2022, 104'

A charming minimalist piece on a chance encounter between two strangers with a shared passion for skipping stones. There is a Stone has…

The Echo

Mexico, Germany, 2023, 102'

In her new documentary, Tatiana Huezo presents a melancholy portrait of three families and a story of coming of age in the remote…

Knit’s Island

France, 2023, 95'

Knit’s Island takes us to a virtual island where, in the depths of Internet wastelands, various gaming communities and individuals fight to survive….


Serbia, 2022, 63'

While looking for his lost dog, an artist holding some outlandish and unconventional attitudes finds himself in the middle of a modern absurdist…

Dry Ground Burning

Brazil, Portugal, 2022, 153'

“I remember that time… I got wrapped up in some crazy shit with my sister Chitara. My sister made history in Sol Nascente….

Walk Up

South Korea, 2022, 97'

The Korean cineaste Hong Sang-soo has delivered another seemingly simple, but in truth complex puzzle of human relationships (between a father and daughter,…