Monday 29.5.2023. / 20.00 / MULTIMEDIJALNI INSTITUT – MaMa / LECTURE

Boyan Manchev: Kairos Call: The Philosophical Fantastic and The Persistence of Utopia

The task of this talk: to propose a philosophical mobilisation of few key concepts of contemporary epistemology (i.e. complex systems and irreversibility), confronting them with the pre-Socratic understanding of kairos – the critical moment, the turning point of time – in order to explore their emancipatory potential. The horizon of this experiment: the necessity to ask a millennia old question, though heretical today, anew: is there a necessary worldKairos’ call : the world, an irreducible contingency, is calling by necessity for a radical shift.

Boyan Manchev is philosopher and cultural theorist, Director of Program and Vice-President of the International College of Philosophy in Paris, Professor at the New Bulgarian University and Visiting Professor at the Sofia University and The Berlin University of the Arts. His actual research, which advances the perspective of a radical mobilism and materialism, is focused on the fields of ontology, philosophy of art and political philosophy.

Moderated by: Leonardo Kovačević