Sunday 28.5.2023. / 19.00 / MULTIMEDIJALNI INSTITUT – MaMa / DISCUSSION

Dissemblage: Machine Capitalism and Molecular Revolution

The panel will be discussing Gerald Raunig’s new book, published at the end of last year, which brings philosophical and political considerations on “dissemblage”, the dislocation of social worlds in contemporary capitalism, but also on the way of merging and connecting, creating collectives. As the title already suggests, the book simultaneously explores the potentials and limits of Deleuze’s and Negri’s political conceptual apparatus.

Gerald Raunig is a philosopher. He teaches at the University of the Arts in Zürich and is the editor of the multilingual platform for publishing transversal texts. He is the author of the books Art and Revolution and A Thousand Machines.

Boris Buden is a philosopher and cultural theorist. He is the author of the books Barricades, Kaptol Station, Babylonian Pit, Transition Zones – on the End of Post-communism, and others.

Boyan Manchev is a philosopher and cultural theorist. He is a professor at the New Bulgarian University and the Berlin University of the Arts. He is the author of the books Philosophy of the Free Body, Logic of the Political, The Unimaginable: Essays in Philosophy of Image and La Métamorphose et l’instant – Désorganisation de la vie.

Moderated by: Leonardo Kovačević