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Angola / France, 1972, 102 min
Director: Sarah Maldoror – Writers: Claude Agostini, Sarah Maldoror, Maurice Pons, Mário Pinto de Andrade – Cinematography: Claude Agostini – Editing: Georges Klotz – Cast: Elisa Andrade, Jean M’Vondo, Dino Abelino, Benoît Moutsila, Talagongo, Lopes Rodrigues, Henriette Meya, Ana Wilson

This revolutionary bombshell by Sarah Maldoror chronicles the awakening of Angola’s independence movement.

* One of the first feature films ever directed by a Black woman. Made in the midst of anticolonial uprisings in Africa, it is a crucial record of an era and a miraculous cinematic achievement. [GD]