Dokukino KIC / Monday 15. 5. / 21.30

The Inheritance

United States, 2020, 100’
Director: Ephraim Asili Writer: Ephraim Asili Cinematography: Ephraim Asili Editing: Ephraim Asili Producers: Ephraim Asili, Vic Brooks Cast: Aurielle Akerele, Shirley Chilsom, Chris Jarell, Michael A. Lake, Eric Lockley, Nyabel Lual, Aniya Picou, Ursula Rucker, Timothy Trumpet Jr., Julian Rozzell Jr., Nozipho Mclean

Ephraim Asili’s feature-length debut is a remarkable ensemble work that takes place almost entirely inside a West Philadelphia house. The film follows a community of young Black artists and activists who come together to form a collective. Asili has spent nearly a decade exploring various aspects of the African diaspora and his own identity within it, culminating in this powerful film.

* Asili merges radical Black traditions with a loving homage to Jean-Luc Godard’s film La Chinoise. Thought without practice is empty. Action without thought is blind. [GD]