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West Indies

France / Algeria / Mauritania, 1979, 115 min
Director: Med Hondo – Writers: Daniel Boukman, Med Hondo – Cinematography: François Catonné – Editing: Youcef Tobni – Producer: Med Hondo – Cast: Cyril Aventurin, Fernand Berset, Roland Bertin, Gérard Bloncourt, Toto Bissainthe, Philippe Clévenot, Monique Couturier

West Indies is a visually and aurally stunning musical appropriately set on a giant slave ship symbolizing the relationship between Africa, Europe and the Caribbean.

* This stunning, revolutionary work by Med Hondo slipped through the cracks of history for many years. Now, after the painstaking restoration overseen by Harvard Film Archive, the film is being reappraised for the brilliant work of cinematic art that it is. [GD]