MSU Black Box / Friday 17.5. / 5.30 pm

Film screening and panel with Milica Rakić

In a conversation with artist Milica Rakić and curator Vladimir Bjeličić, we are presenting the artist’s work and how she uses multiple media (performance, video, print) to re-examine artistic positions inside the system of gender, socio-political roles and traumatic moments from her own past, how she interweaves antifascist, anti-capitalist and feminist fight imbuing the emptied slogans with a new eros. There will also be talk about the relationship between identity, ideology and language, as well as the need to critically re-evaluate the content of personal and collective memory. The panel will be moderated by the artistic director of Subversive Film Festival, Dina Pokrajac.

The following films will be screened during the panel:

Zovem se crvena / My Name Is Red, 2008, 3′
KRASNAЯ ZVEZDA / Red Star, 2009, 2′
Žena je Žena / A Woman Is a Woman, 2010, 4′
Rođena bez razloga / Born Without a Reason, 2010, 3′
Nesvrstana / Non-Aligned, 2019, 7′
Crvena, da te nema, trebalo bi te izmisliti / Red, If You Didn’t Exist, We Would Have to Invent You, 2021, 20′

Milica Rakić (1972) is a multimedia artist focusing on the influence of language and culture on the shaping of identity, interpreting ideological codes in a historical and contemporary context. She holds a PhD from the Faculty of Visual Arts in Belgrade. She has presented her works at thirty solo and over four hundred group exhibitions in Serbia and abroad (Albania, USA, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Egypt, Iran, Italy, Indonesia, Japan, China, Hungary, Macedonia, Mexico, Germany, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Turkey, France, Croatia, Montenegro, Spain). A member of the League of Communists of Yugoslavia and the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia, with an independent artist status.