Wednesday 22.5. / 6 pm / Dokukino KIC / MASTERCLASS

Masterclass: Mohanad Yaqubi – Subversive Film: Practicing Archives of Resistance

Formed in 2011, and based between Palestine, Brussels and other elsewhere, Subversive Film is a cinema research and production collective that aims to cast new light upon historic works related to Palestine and beyond, to engender support for film preservation, and to investigate archival practices of resistance.

By thinking of films as historical sites that are undergoing excavations, the collective questions both the methods and the tools used to re-imagine histories of solidarities, shedding light on the process of operating within the archives, as a place of learning, as well as a place of practicing fabulation using sound, images, and text.

This lecture is an attempt to revisit the collective’s long-term and ongoing projects exploring the cine-historic field including digitally reissuing previously overlooked films, curating rare film screening cycles, subtitling rediscovered films, producing publications, and devising other forms of interventions.

In cooperation with Restart

Mohanad Yaqubi born in Kuwait 1981 for a Palestinian father and Syrian mother, he grows up on memories of the destruction of his hometown Al-Majdal, a city that was ethnically cleansed from by the Zionist forces in 1948, forcing his family to reside at an UNRWA Refugee camp in Gaza. Yaqubi is a filmmaker, producer and one of the founders of Idioms Film, an Arthouse production based in Ramallah since 2004, he is also a member of Subversive Film, a curatorial collective that seeks to research and redistribute militant cinema from Palestine and beyond. He is a resident researcher at KASK school of the Arts, Ghent since 2017.