MSU – Gorgona Hall / Friday 17.5. / 7 pm

Lecture: prof. dr. Katharina Sykora – The Ways of Showing in Ulrike Ottinger’s Films

Prof. Dr. Katharina Sykora will deliver a lecture titled The Ways of Showing in Ulrike Ottinger’s Films. Dr. Sykora is a professor emerita in the history of art and film. She has authored numerous scholarly articles on Ulrike Ottinger’s work and is the author and editor of the book Zwischenwelten: Ulrike Ottinger’s Filme im Spiegel der transatlantischen Kritik (Göttingen, 2022).

Lecture summary:
In Ulrike Ottinger’s films, there are many types of visual showdowns. They confront us with cultural, historical and gender differences. Her films have a special way of showing things demonstratively, like with the gesture of the index finger. And they openly display their way of showing. That draws the viewers’ attention to her exuberant figures, multi-layered spaces, and playful narration, while also giving us the pleasure of seeing what these are made of. The lecture explores the ways in which Ulrike Ottinger’s films make us perceive worlds and people differently, and the way she makes us see how they become images.