Green Energy Systems: Hydrogen Economy is Viable

Hydrogen economy is a concept based on hydrogen as the key vehicle of energy “produced” by renewables. The key role in enabling hydrogen economy is played by the technologies of production, storage and hydrogen use; which in itself is no easy task. However, the transformation of society is necessary as the main enticing force which would enable full implementation of these technologies on one hand, and abandoning fossil fuels as the main energy source on the other.  In its essence, hydrogen economy implies the transformation of energetics from centralized to distributed systems, through building of collaborative networks. This is where its transformational potential lies, compared to the prevailing economic paradigm at present.

Such facilities have been installed at several places, with the aim of demonstrating the benefits and identifying weak spots of hydrogen economy. In Croatia, there is no such examples at the time being, but in close future it poses an aim that can be easily accomplished. Here we present the idea of one such transformation in a small local community.

Speakers: dr. sc. Ankica Đukić (FSB Zagreb), Marin Krota (Hum), Nikola Biliškov (IRB)
Moderator: Igor Grozdanić