(Wed) 4. 5. 2016. / 11.00 - 13.00 / Cinema Europe (Müller Hall)

Rebellion, Solidarity, Politics – Proposals for Good Immigration Policies

Speakers: Iva Marčetić (Croatia), Aigul Hakimova (Slovenia), Vanja Bakalović (Croatia)
Moderator: Vedran Horvat

The arrival of refugees, their acceptance and integration, if it was ever possible, cannot be taken for granted today. From meeting the standards and rules which served as the foundation for the EU, we have witnessed a long path downwards in a rather short time. States in Europe, and especially thr Eastern ones, are almost competing in being hostile and exclusive, and thus unapproachable. Solidarity, welcome and good immigration policy therefore represent almost a revolutionary act that defies the hegemony of political violence, hate speech and fights agains creating a closed monolith European community. Rebellion against such a Europe is absolutely necessary. In this effort, some of the cities like Barcelona, Lesvos and Lampedusa have already shown initiative serving as the cities for refugees which practise good immigration policies. In the final part of the Mediterannean Forum we aim to present ideas, proposals and policies which could represent as a starting point for a systemic and persistent social and political action of creating and implementing these policies with solid background and legitimacy in the society.