(Tue) 3 May, 2016. / 13.00 - 15.00 / Cinema Europe (Müller Hall)

Without Fences, Without Borders – The Balkan Route Between Opression and Solidarity

Speakers: Luka Juranić (Croatia), Selma Porobić (Bosnia & Herzegovina), Jasmin Redžepi (Macedonia), Tea Vidović (Croatia), Aigul Hakimova (Slovenia), Cengiz Kulac (Austria), and others

Moderator: Vedran Horvat

With the escalation of the refugee crisis and a growing migration movement caused by conflicts in Syria, turmoil in Northern Africa and Middle East, as well as equally inhuman living conditions in Africa and the Far East, Europe has so far faced a massive inflow of people as the boomerang effect due to its own foreign, economic and neighborhood policies. European states have once again exhibited their hypocrisy towards those who passed the Mediterranean as a new graveyard, and have deprived refugees from feeling welcome in their acting as a Fortress, contesting the principles of universal human rights and human dignity on which they were established. The lack of solidarity was also shocking, since only a few countries have maintained a consistent attitude on the acceptance and integration of bigger inflow of refugees. In the meantime, the extreme right has been gaining popularity, while states have demonstrated inclination toward more control and reduction of rights and freedoms. The refugee wave, demanding from Europe to stick to its values, has created a massive chaos in the Balkans, and has exposed many weaknesses of its states. However, while governments reacted with oppression and the lack of solidarity, citizens and people along the Balkan route have immediately demonstrated solidarity, welcome and friendship. In our debate we aim to present and discuss different experiences of the citizens that compensated for incompetent governments and helped refugees on their way to a better and safer life in their spite.