Cinema Europa / Sunday, 14th May / 17:00

Short Film Competition – Block 2

The Lost Voice / La voz perdida, d. Marcelo Martinessi, 2016., Paraguay/Venezuela/Kuba/Argentina, 11’ DCP

In the film The Lost Voice Marcelo Martinessi re-examines Paraguay’s recent history, referencing the Curuguaty massacre.


Digital Immigrants, d. Norbert Kottmann, Dennis Stauffer, 2016. Switzerland, 21’ DCP

In Digital Immigrants, the Swiss author duo Norbert Kottman & Dennis Stauffer follow a group of elderly citizens attempting to adapt to the digital age.


Miss Holocaust, d. Michalina Musielak, 2017. Poland/Germany, 22’ DCP

In Miss Holocaust, Polish director Michalina Musielak goes to Israel to attend a bizarre beauty pageant for women who survived the horrors of Holocaust.


Impression of a War / La impresión de una guerra,  d. Camillo Restrapo, 2015., Colombia/France, 26’ DCP

In Impression of a War the Columbian Camilio Restrepo uses pulsating footage from Medellin’s bloody history, bloodier than its river, redder than the colors pouring inside it from the local textile factory; where stories are told by tattoos, scars, drawings, punk lyrics, the graininess of a private war video and newspaper pages turned yellow.